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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

89 My Gallery - More on the Outline

OSJ Red FenceRemember, we established our website goals ... here.

One of those goals was to educate. Another was to provide a fun place to visit. By linking my website to my blogsite on the frontpage, I make it easy for folks who enjoy either or both to get from one to the other quickly.  And all they have to remember is my name ... ;D

One day I will likely migrate my blog to my own hosting service but that is difficult to rationalize when Blogger is free and ooooh so powerful!

Back to the Site Outline

Here is the basic outline of what I have so far. Still a work-in-progress.

Page Content Items Purpose
Front Page Header: Main Menu Mine includes: HOME, GALLERIES, CONTACTS, BLOG. The front page should be clean, simple and impacting as we discussed in the last post. Many people use Adobe FLASH animation here. I love that. I'm not at that level yet. A nice HTML page with static pictures can also look good.
Front Page Gallery Entries These include pictures to illustrate what each gallery is about.
Front Page Recent Photos I put this here for frequent visitors to quickly find the new pics I've added. This is for the fans of the site. My hope is to have more and more wedding photos show up here.
Front Page Footer I have my standard copyright warning and here is where Smugmug inserts themselves whether you like it or not. The Smugmug footer is one of my main beefs with Smugmug.
Wedding Galleries pictures Here you can view my wedding work
Travel Galleries pictures For viewing my travel work
Art Galleries pictures Any special images I may have
Guestbook journal entries I'm debating whether to have a "fan-club" kind of thing and send special deals to my fans.
Contact Info my contact info and calendar This is where people can reach me. I also plan to have my calendar here so brides/grooms can see if I'm available on their day.
Blog This actually links over to my Blogger site.

Even as I wrote this, I realized how little actual thought I've put into this structure. Hmmm ... gotta visit a few more sites and collect some more ideas :D

I've begun investigating the website development tools like, well NOT dreamweaver because it is too expensive, but other free tools. So far I haven't hit upon anything that would fit well with Smugmug. Most of the tools assume you can publish the whole set of pages to a directory on a hosting server.

Oh ... one more thing, if you've followed along this far, I've assumed you know about using FireFox with the "Web Development" plugin. But if you don't .... google it!

Ok, this is more than a bite-ful. More for later.


PS - If you're interested in seeing some of Jeff Bridges (yes, that Jeff Bridges) photography go HERE. He is an avid photographer and has a creative gallery.


Woody said...

Hi Glen,

Some thoughts for you ...

I'm a visual kinda guy, so I like to dump all my ideas for a website in a mindmap, then used the tool to organize them.

I've used WordPress for site management. It's designed for blogging, but I've used it for non-blogging sites. There are tons of themes, many are free, so you can customize. If you want to see the behind-the-scenes, let me know and I'll arrange a demo.

Glen Goffin said...

Hey, thanks for that, Woody! I'll take you up on it. I ran a Wordpress blog for a while and decided I preferred Blogger and then moved my gallery to Smugmug so I'm using the Smugmug tools for composing that site. They don't let you upload your pages to Smugmug directly. They do let you edit the HTML and CSS, however.

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