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Friday, March 19, 2010

90 Designing Your Logo

(c) Glen GoffinI hesitate to write this post.  At least not quite yet.  My present inability to commit to my own logo design is somewhat embarrassing.  Maybe it's the perfectionist in me.  But then again, hey, why would I let a little thing like ignorance stop me now?!

Your logo is a key tool in building your brand value.  It becomes synonymous with your company and becomes the representation of all the the late nights, weekends, Big Macs, gallons of gas, heartburn, cheap hotels ....  (remind me why we do this again?) ... all the tireless work building your business.  Gulp!  That's big stuff.

Designing your logo means first crystallizing exactly the mission, purpose and vision for your business (notice the recurring theme?).

This is what I want Glen Goffin Photography to stand for ...

Example of Refining the Message: Glen Goffin Photography

Wedding photography (or other special occasions)
Award winning photographers
Modern approach
Photo-journalistic style
Highly professional, prompt, courteous and helpful

Qualities of Your Logo

Simple yet expressive
Embody the character of your business
For us photographers ... it should look good as a watermark!

Steps in designing your logo

Choose your "corporate" color theme  (
Opinions vary but some basic guidelines might be:
White/blue themes are very professional
Dark/black themes are very modern and edgy
Colorful themes are playful and less professional looking
Choose your font
This is an area I find fascinating and it is also where I am STUCK!
It is quite amazing how subtle font differences express such a difference in character and style. The block (non-serif) are modern and professional but also a bit sterile, in my opinion. The scripts are nice but can be unprofessional or even pretentious. HELP!!!
Choose your graphic
Low color count will save you printing costs on business cards ... just sayin!!
Less is more. If it gets too complicated, no one will remember it exactly. They are usually really basic shapes.
Usually uses your primary color

Study other logos and decide what you like and don't like. But don't copy. Be creative, it will mean more to you in the long run if your logo is uniquely yours. Then your business is your "baby" ... with no paternity dispute!

Here's what I have so far:
I feel that it is still a bit pretentious and a bit old-school. I'm trying to figure out how to make it fresh and clean and professional. Check in again tomorrow and it will likely be different ;D


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