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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

74 Life in a Moment

Little Girl Drinking
Capturing that "life in a moment" is incredibly satisfying. You know ... that picture that compels you to explore every inch of it wondering what the heck is going on. What are these people doing ... thinking ... feeling!?! The story it tells doesn't even have to be real. It just needs to be complete and captivating.

Those "story moments" are usually fleeting and ephemeral. Everything in view falls suddenly, almost unexpectedly into place almost as if scripted. And then ... right on cue ... your subject gives a look that completes the entire story. The moment passes instantly and no one but you knows it even happened. You saw it coming and pulled your camera up to your eye and placed your waiting finger over the shutter and then ... click ... there it is.

Well, that's how I dream it happens anyway. Someday maybe. And I know it will be awesome!

Till then I'll keep capturing half-lidded eyes in mid-blink ... yawns ... occluded faces ... and all sorts of other nonsense hoping for that "moment".

Enjoy the moments when they come ... and be ready!!



Woody said...

What a beautiful composition (the text too!)

Sharon said...

How true. I get the half closed eyes, head in the way, etc....but occasionally one really comes through!

Ángel Corrochano said...

There are moments that are not pleased with anything. A brilliant taking at the time just


Isabel Membrado said...

Beautiful shot, Glen!!
A delicius moment.
You have great photos on your blog.
Nice to meet you!!
Best regards.

Ashley Amanda said...

This is precisely why I take pictures of non moving things, such as flowers. I have had offers to photograph special occasions for people but I'm always afraid to say yes. It's a very special time for them and what if I don't get a single shot that is worth keeping? What if all my shots are the half lidded eyes and heads in the way? I suppose this is a fear I need to conquer.

Álvaro said...

You are right in your words, I totally agree with you. The photo is a wonderful complement.
Greetings from Spain.