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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

75 Missing the Misty Mornings

Little Girl Drinking

The misty mornings are quickly passing me by. There's really nothing more peaceful and lovely than light mist hovering over grassy knolls and bubbling creeks catching golden rays of morning sun as it slices knife-like through tree branches. Geese waddling heavily over dew-laden grass while field stone storehouses and lonely willows punctuate the hillsides.

Not that I would know.

At that hour, I'm still brushing my teeth after having just finished my morning devotions and hopping around half-dressed assembling myself for another long and tedious drive down Rt 611 and work. As I drive I watch the sun rise over the stoplights and wish I could just turn aside to chase the mist. "Chasing the mist" ... maybe that would be a good name for this week-old bologna sandwich I call a blog?

OSJ Red Fence

This past Saturday I managed to get free early and just walked around shooting every tree I could find. Here are a couple of them. Oh, and don't worry, they all survived.

And here's another ...

OSJ Red Fence
Now ... for those of you, like me, who love to see the artistry of a good wedding photographer. I landed on Susan's site somehow and was grateful I did. Have a look here

Peace ... oh ... and may you have many a misty morning this fall.

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Ángel Corrochano said...

A long time ago it did not visit to him. It must pardon to me.
Some skillful photos of autumn. I like those intense colors and the quality of the caught light.

Warm greetings