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Thursday, October 1, 2009

73 The End of Daylight

Pier Walkers at Harvey Cedars
GAHHH ... is it Fall already!?! For us north-ish-erners, fall means dark-to-work-dark-to-home. Which, for us north-ish photographers means ... well ... shooting on the weekends. No more wandering around the neighborhood at 9 pm capturing golden hour photos of Grandma Joan's hibiscus. Now it's "long-shadows" time.

This shot was taken probably sometime around 8 pm leaning off the railing at the Harvey Cedars Bible and Conference Center. I'd hoped the sailboat would come in closer but sometimes you gotta take what you can get.

Now, my REALLY BIG dilemma - can I handle Fall with a puny 85mm field of view? Can those great misty, dew-filled, multi-hued, mountain-hugging, tree-tapestries be funneled into such a narrow perspective?

Oooorrrr ... is this my perfect excuse to fork out $$$$$$$$ (pronounced "mega-bucks") for the 24mm f/1.4 ... bwahahahaha!!

OSJ Red FenceIf I'm totally honest here, I'm a bit afraid that the 24mm will be a big disappointment. I've been spoiled by my almost perfect 85mm f/1.2 grapefruit. Or rather my 85mm "softball" which comes nowhere near describing the lead-heavy feel of my little precious [insert sounds of Golum mumbling "my precious, my precious"].

In truth, I don't think I really ever need any other lens. But then again ... what did need ever have to do with it!?!!!


PS - for my "woulda-coulda-shoulda's" ... this was a single frame I ripped off. I shoulda let the shutter click a few more times to see if the silouhettes might take better shapes. I've been finding myself taking too few shots lately. Gotta get over that.


Line said...

very peaceful pictures,fall is a beautiful season to me!!!

peace to you!!!

Woody said...

Sigh. Canon recently announced a price increase so your dilemma just got different(maybe easier, maybe harder). You seem to have done just fine capturing some pretty spectacular landscapes with 85. Maybe you should consider renting a 24mm for a week or two - when we get some sunlight back that is ;-)

J. L. T. said...

A wonderful silent beauty! These are the days... Have a nice weekend!

Ángel Corrochano said...

Wonderful that dusk with the silhouettes trimmed on the wharf. Very summery

Warm greetings

papillon blanc said...

thanks a lot for your visit in my blog. like that, i can discover yours. Not bad at all. nice pictures. have a nice day.

Sharon said...

Very serene...lovely scene.

Ove said...

Ey, didn't you get a brand new digital that sees at ISO 6400, with shades on? You can look forward to enjoy lovely sunrises as this all winter long, while I have to cope a couple of months in dead black darkness at ISO 400. You will do just fine. :-)

Glen Goffin said...

LOLOL .... that's funny! And very true! I remember my time in Oslo Norway which is at similar latitude to you, I think. The days grow very very short in the winter. We will need to start an "Ove's 5DII Collection" to help you get through your winters. Peace!

Álvaro said...

Great photos and comments. Fantastic.
Greetings from Spain.