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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

72 The Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Concrete at El Convento
BTW, if you didn't read Andreas' insightful comment on my last post, I recommend taking a moment to read it. I found it very encouraging. He also has links to other stimulating posts. One of which is by Paul Lester on the obsession with growth in America. Very interesting read.

The image above was taken at twilight down at the Jersey shore (Harvey Cedars). As the sun set, the sky and water began this almost psychedelic inversion of colors that was so spectacular it was hard to put into words. I joked to my friends that if you took a picture no one would believe that you didn't photoshop those colors.

Well ... I did photoshop them ... just enough to fix a slight white-balance offset, that is. But other than that I didn't touch a thing. The lavender and pink sky against the teal-ish green-blue water. The horizon inverted. The sky became darker than the water. Surreal. And beautiful. God's tapestry.

OSJ Red Fence
Add the smell of the ocean, perfect 72 degree temperature, a perpetually blowing sea breeze and ... well ... I think that just might be a small slice of heaven!

For me, that's when photography is such a joy. In those magic light moments. You might argue that it takes no skill to make gorgeous pictures that way ... and you'd be right.

So what. They're still gorgeous :)


OSJ Red Fenceoh, one more :)


Ove said...

God's tapestry. Couldn't have said it better, there is no need to say mre, they are just lovely pictures of our lovely world.

freshrain24 said...

So, Glen, exactly what camera do you use? The pictures are gorgeous, of course, and I'm just wondering how difficult and expensive it your camera. :)

Glen Goffin said...

freshrain - I recently splurged on a semi-pro setup with a Canon 5D mark II and a Canon 85mm f/1.2. Those are very expensive. There are lots of people who make better photos than I who use less expensive gear. Having said that, I'm really really happy with this setup even considering how expensive it was.
While I'm being long-winded, let me add that there are really only two main things in my photos that make them any different than anyone elses - (1) the quality of the bokeh which is the gear and (2) the quality of the light which is available to everyone. You can get good bokeh and subject isolation with less expensive gear but you have to search very carefully in order not to waste money on bad gear. That is my biggest regret. I bought some lenses that just weren't good enough and wasted a bunch of money.

Well that should confuse you enough! Peace and best wishes, Glen