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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

71 Content is King - Glen's Plan to Usurp the Throne

Concrete at El Convento
I've been pondering whether this meteor impact crater I call a blog is actually worth the electrons it takes to store it ... or is this just another dead-end eddy current leading unwary floaters to a circling, swampy, stagnating side-pool of uselessness.

In the Kingdom of the Blogosphere, I am the secret, unwanted love-child of the room-keep and the stable-hand. How dare I think I might actually contribute anything of worth in a land of such mighty intellect and creativity!? Bahhh ... preposterous!!

I suppose the thing to do is to take a tally of my contributions -
1. Pretty photographs score: 3/10

2. Educational content score: -3/10 (this blog will actually cause you to lose brain cells)

3. Interesting facts score: -5/10 (never met a fact I didn't twist into senselessness)

4. Laughs, snorts, giggles, smirks score: 5/10 (it's my blog, I can give myself any score I want!)

OSJ Red Fence
Net Total = 0

I guess I won't win any awards but at least it's break-even!

ok ... well, I'll never be king but maybe stable-hand isn't all that bad after all :)

The image at the top is a simple picture of the concrete at the El Convento hotel. The original couldn't be more boring but with some intense PP-ing, this is what popped out. I like the intense texture and the diagonals. The picture just above is a close-up of the fence at the Basilica. I just like that shot.



Ángel Corrochano said...

Full details of textures and color. I like the selective approach, completes the panel with a magical atmosphere.

Warm greetings

Andreas said...

Well, it all depends on why you do it. Paul Lester recently had a post about growth. From my own experience and from his I suppose that photoblogs like ours get visitors in the low hundreds. You can try to please the newcomers, make it all very interactive, make contests like Brian Auer does on EpicEdits, and then you may get into the thousands. When you want more, you need to provide free content (tutorials or such things) and best of all post gear reviews while the gear is still new. Thus a review of the Leica S2 would be appropriate at the moment :)

Or else you don't do it for numbers, you just do it. It goes up, it goes down, if you really feel like needing numbers you can always post a crowd pleaser, and in general you simply do it for yourself. If you don't do it for yourself at least partially, it is doomed anyway.

Glen Goffin said...

Andreas - As I was reading your wonderfully thoughtful an d intelligent thoughts above, I was reminded why I started blogging to begin with. There are so many social sites springing up these days with facebook, myspace, twitter ... and literally endless others. The interchange, however, is generally at a light and social level. Blogging affords opportunity to exchange and thoughtfully consider challenging new ideas or at least to revisit ideas from fresh perspectives. For me, that is reward enough. Thanks for taking the time to write such an insightful response! It is very encouraging to all of us bloggers. Peace, Glen

Ove said...

1. Pretty photographs score: 8/10
2. Educational content score: 0/10
3. Interesting facts score: 2/10
4. Laughs, snorts, giggles, smirks score: 6/10

That gives, well, counting isn't my thing, but it should be on the positive side.

I like your writing AND your photos. There are lots of sites where you can learn things, and usually these are rather boring. There are also lots of stunning galleries, but then you usually don't get the story behind those marvellous photos.

Your blog is written by you and reflect who you are. Those who don't like it don't visit you. As in real life. And - I have written this recently elsewhere, don't remember where - wouldn't it be stressful to have hundreds of comments on whatever you publish? Like, "awesome, dude"? When I arrive to such a blog, I usually never comment because I think that who would care for what I have to say in this cacophony of comments.

I like your blog, it is as you write, warm and welcoming.