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Thursday, August 27, 2009

70 Design ... or Art?

Bird at Montreal Biodome
Jeff Lewis is a nut. Do you know who he is? Jeff Lewis Design? Flipping Out. His show is interesting if only to witness his compulsiveness.

I've always found interior design interesting and often ponder how design relates to art? Are they the same? Are they completely different? As I design my new website, artistry and creativeness are needed in making good design choices. A beautiful web site is a work of art. Choosing the right focal pieces, themes and scales, visual flow. Connecting together with complementing elements so that the sum is greater than its parts. Is that really any different than composing a shot or correcting WB or adding script or textures ... ?

This photograph is a picture of a red bird sitting on a branch directly overhead at the Montreal Biodome. Be careful as you stare up at that bird that no "white rain" pours down on you! My goal was to create a 2 dimensional (flat) almost fractal pattern with a surprising red note in the middle. This has had almost no post processing and no cropping though I think a tighter crop may be appropriate.



Ángel Corrochano said...

Very good the touch of color in that maze of branches and green leaves Precious image, very fresh and pleasant

Warm greetings

Ove said...

Great picture. You don't really see red birds around here, but I guess yours are equally 'dangerous' standing right under. :-)
I held my hand over your already very good picture, to try out another crop as you suggested. I think I liked a square framing best, cutting off the exceeding part on the right.

Tim Parkin said...

and left

Mariana Copello said...

really beautifull!!
welcome to un Mar sin apuros...

see you