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Thursday, April 30, 2009

38 Hosting adventures and what's in a name?!

I almost called this post 'Out of time' but that would be about 1.6 inches of exaggeration... since I HAVE ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD!  Only my mom and my wife even know I'm rehosting (hi mom:) and my wife thinks that means we're gonna have another dinner party.

But in case some bored surfer (or is that surf boreder ... sic) happens on this post on their way to TOP or David DuChemin's or something ... well ... my condolences.  But here it is anyway.

My faithful readers know (hi mom;) that, after reading David's post on blogging, I started to get the bug to rehost Stinky Fish on a more professional site.  Now, don't get me wrong.  I've had a great experience with Blogger so far.  In fact, what they offer FOR FREE is quite amazing really!  I have only a few complaints and I think one of them is actually reasonable ...

1. Limited set of templates 
2. Domain name includes 'blogspot' ... (omg ... run for shelter!!)
3. Commenting support seems to only work intermittently.  Debra Trean tells me that she can never post comments on this site.  I've reset the scripts several times but no luck.  A google search shows that I'm not the only one with that issue.

Ok ... now the REALLY BIG NEWS!  I'm also thinking of renaming the site.  I chose Stinky Fish because every other name that occurred to me seemed pretentious and self-indulgent (as Simon would say).  I wanted something with whimsy and humor to encourage a spirit of fun and adventure in photography.  I actually have some friends who think that Stinky Fish is too self-deprecating (love that word).   

What I think they mean is that it is hard enough to be taken seriously as an artist with out deprecating all over yourself :)  But I've always been someone who feels that the work should speak for itself.  If it is good ... or even great ... no title or name or silly blog posts can change that.  It will be self evident.

Now, the reason I'm considering the change ... is the COMMERCIAL aspect.  Would anyone hire a wedding photographer from Stinky Fish Photography?  Would you like that on your wedding album?  hmmm ... maybe they are EXACTLY the people I want to shoot for ... decisions, decisions

If anyone does read this ... please leave me a comment (if it lets you) on your opinion of the name :)  In fact, if you would, could you go to and let me know if you like that site better than this one?

Peace out,


Soiamastone said...

First out of my mouth and now on to typing is you always give me a good chuckle!! Second, what other names have you in mind? Wordpress is good, I have been on Tumblr, and it has a community of people on it. A lot of younger people, I'm not that familiar about wordpress. But, I have heard a lot of artists say tumblr is better for networking. Just a thought. Have you ever written a book? I know you write songs, but you have a lot of talent, just wondering.

Glen Goffin said...

Thanks, Jules :) I should've given you a shout out as my only other faithful reader:) I plan to keep plugging at this till I hone my writing skills enough to actually interest people. Thanks for the tip on Tumblr, I'll give it a look. :D