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Friday, May 1, 2009

39 Kathleen Connally - A study in light

Ok, I'm infatuated again. This time with a woman named Kathleen Connally ... or rather ... her photography, that is.

A couple of posts ago I wrote my opinions on the difference between good photography and great photography and about how great photography won't let you go. It's borders are secure and, once inside, you don't want to leave. Captivating ... taken captive ... captured

Well ... I've been captured and, if you dare, go here. But remember that you were warned.

So what is it about her work?

1. Light - She likes to shoot on overcast or foggy days

2. Light - She likes diffuse light for the most part

3. Light - She likes the subject to glow

4. Sharp - she has a very steady hand indeed!

5. Almost 3D quality - I think it is her beautiful 85mm f/1.2 and her Canon 5D that have an almost magic quality. So much so, that I've begun reconsidering my Nikon friends! But she is by no means limited to that 85mm lens! Graciously, she describes each photograph and the lens and processing she uses. I have scheduled much study time :))

6. Wonderful choice of models and subjects - Her children, her family, her pets, her farm ... all are adorable and captivating subjects. In fact, she has dedicated her blog to her township and she calls it ... "A Walk Through Durham Township".

7. Gentleness - For the most part, her images are very understated. Desaturated more than saturated but perfectly so. You know that spot where the colors pop even though they have been pulled down? It's that 'magic spot' where the image comes to life. This is her gift. Finding that spot.

Please, you must go visit. But promise to come back ... even though you won't want to!!

Peace and blessings,


Soiamastone said...

Very impressive, the type of pictures I would like to take. I am impressed with the Canon 5D, it can also take impressive video. The lenses she uses make me drool. Maybe one day. Money and time.
But, thanks for the link!

Glen Goffin said...

Isn't it, Jules!? Maybe it's just that her work is so much to my taste but I really resonate with it. Oh yeah, she's got quite the gear and that definitely helps. My annual gear budget doubled after seeing her shots. Now I'm even toying with a "Canon conversion" :) Do I need a priest for that?

Soiamastone said...

My taste as well, but it is bright and real!
Nikon's are nice as well! lol, yes maybe a little holy water is in order, or some time in the booth!