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Monday, April 27, 2009

37 Good ... or great!?!

As a relatively new photographer, I continually ask myself what makes a great photo? Then, being the over-thinker and hyper-knothead that I often am, I wonder if the act of even recognizing a great photo is artistry in itself ... I mean ... it implies that you know and understand the ingredients of a great photo.

Then I see one.

My jaw goes slack ... my heart skips ... my eyes glaze over ... I kick whatever lies near my feet (because none of mine look like that) ... but most of all ... I stare. I step inside the photo. I walk through the portal. Like Alice, I climb every tree and lift every rock. I sigh with every turn of color and light. Each twist of form or substance tickles me as I play among them. I spy the whimsy and grimace at the grotesque.

And the difference between a good photo or a great one ...

Is that I finally lose interest in the good one. I move on. It's borders can't contain me. I get restless. I wander away.

But the great one ... that one becomes my refuge. My place to go when I need somewhere to go. My hiding place.

Make no mistake, the image above is not great. It is not a place that I need to visit often. But we know those places when we see them. And that is the first step toward making them ... it is loving them.

Peace and blessings,

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