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Monday, April 6, 2009

27 The sweet smell of magnolias

It's spring ... and not a moment too soon >.<>

Here's another ;)

So gentle and lovely. And the miniature magnolia that we have only grows a few inches a year. Very bonsai in it's attitude really. The feng shui of trees I guess.

Those of you with a keen eye (and that's all of you, of course) will spot that I moved the tint a little toward yellow to warm it up a bit while still trying to keep it close to white. What do you think? I only used LightRoom (demo) for image adjustments on these. Didn't even go into PS. They could use some dodge/burn in the petals and someday I may go in and finlaize them. I have a feeling I'll be finding some other shots more worth the time ... hehe.

We also have another of my most favoritest of trees ... the cherokee chief dogwood. But that hasn't bloomed yet. I'll post again when it does :)))

I wish this post was smellovision but alas, you'll have to imagine it yourself. Fresh and clean with a hint of sweetness ... mmmm

Here's another flower from the same tree. This guy had a tougher go with the rain today but he'll bounce back.

Hope this brightened your day ;D

Peace, my friends



a passion 'n frames said...

gosh they are sure pretty we use to have a magnolia tree in our first home in california...very beautiful....

and the dogwood has not bloomed here yet but I love them...I ordered one for my own home so hope to see it arrive soon... very beautiful!!!!

Glen and MJ said...

Thanks, Deb! You're such a sweetie!!