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Monday, March 30, 2009

26 Frontyards ... a new spring universe

A couple of mornings ago I wandered out into my front yard with my new Sigma 24-70. I'm certain my neighbors think I'm nuts because I was wearing my PJ's. With spring here now and the new growth, there is a whole new universe of macro-ish things to shoot. This is the tree in my front yard. A silver maple, I believe. The daylillies are blooming and everything smells fresh and earthy! .... mmmmm ... wonderful ;D

Weekends I usually take a two or three hour drive and explore hoping to find inspiring sights and, more often than not, come back with nothing noteworthy (the sounds of faint sobbing here). But when spring comes, our frontyards are the source of a thousand beautiful macro shots. Tiny universes ... and a lot less gas!

Here is another one of some drips hanging off another tree in our yard. I am really enjoying this new lens. I think it is the combination of relatively close focus with a short DoF and the resulting nice bokeh that is produced. Probably any good 50mm lens would have worked just as well but, for now, this is working well for me. The equivalent range of 35-105mm due to the aps-c format multiplier seems to suit me well. Of course, a little more range in the lower end would be wonderful. I enjoy the 70mm/105mm end a bunch for the close in work though. I plan to try portraits soon and see how this does on those.

Peace out,


a passion 'n frames said...

smirk great story ... made me grin...seeing you stalking about in PJ' spring is a time of a new awakening for sure... love every image.

Glen and MJ said...

LOL ... yeah, I'm a goof! I know it! Thanks, Deb ... I think ;DD