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Friday, April 10, 2009

28 Dash of color

Happy Friday! These are some buds on the cherry tree in front of my house. The colors are so incredibly vibrant. Maybe it's because we just spent a bunch of months staring at white and brown. Maybe the rods and cones in our eyes needed some rest for while in order to handle these spring colors .. lol.

It's funny how, before you actually try it yourself, macro shots of flowers seem so easy. Then you try it and realize how not-easy it really is! Of course, having a true macro lens would probably help and staging it indoors would make life easier. It's very satisfying, though, when you get one right ;D At least, that's my theory. I'll let you know if it is when I finally do get one right.

Here's some more spring color. Some yellow crocuses that I found at the Pearl S. Buck gardens.

And more ... but I'm not sure what kind of flowers these are. BTW, believe it or not, this is the color straight from the camera (RAW). I think this really needs to be desaturated. God can really pack in the color!!

Now, on a more technical note ... I used a linear polarizer for the photos in the previous two posts. On this post, I'm using a Tiffen Digital HT ultra-clear filter to protect my lens. They claim this is completely neutral with very low loss (dispersion or refraction) and, from what I've seen, that seems to be true. I was wondering if it would affect coloration and, if anything, it does appear more neutral than the polarizer though that may simply be the fact that the polarizer will uncover color better. Jury is still out on this Tiffen.

Happy spring and peace,

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