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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What makes a classic image?

Why does every photographer end up shooting a row of benches ... or chairs ... or ....grapes sitting in a bowl or ... well you get what I mean.

Well I felt like I better do one too. You know, like a homework assignment or something. Like a checklist of must-dos. I saw these sitting at the Moravian Tile Works. The day was cloudy with a dull gray light that seemed to suck the color out of everything. As if it was possible, these benches were even duller and grayer still but not wanting to miss the moment they knew it was their one opportunity to shine.

I waited till all the tourists left and ignored the two bored middle-school girls that wanted to be part of the shot. Set up my tripod and ripped out a few shots. Really didn't need any post-processing. I left a hint of tilt for tension and just a little bit of color boost and ... voila! Hope you like it :)

Andreas turned me on to another great photographer's blog:
check it out ... you'll be glad you did!


a passion 'n frames said...

wow what a beautiful blog you have the richness of color in your images is stunning to my eye. This image speaks of conversations had while visiting in those chairs...lovely

Glen and MJ said...

they're calling to me even now ... a cup of coffee and a good friend to chat with! Wouldn't that be wonderful :D

Soiamastone said...

This would be great on my wall! I really love it.
And benches and chairs are wonderful to photograph. Thinking of who sat upon them. I just love this picture.