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Thursday, March 19, 2009

21 New workflow ideas from Mitchell

Thanks to Mitchell Kanashkevitch, I'm trying out a new workflow. I downloaded Capture One 4 Pro trial and made two variants of this. One +2 EV and one -2 EV. Then I used the Photomatix trial to merge the three. I also used the Photomatix Tone Correction to alter contrast and levels a little bit. Here's the result.

Now here's the original. Of course, Mitchell also does quite a bit of dodging and burning. That's next on my list of techniques to learn. What I was really interested to see is whether pseudo HDR using variants from the SAME image really had a notable effect. From what I can see ... it does! Now to try it out on some more images ... hehe ;DD

Steps in Workflow so far ...
1. Capture image
2. Import into Capture One (haven't tried direct import from the camera yet)
3. Mark with colors (green, yellow, etc)
4. Delete and clean up the ugly stuff
5. Open new session and pick a project photo
6. Make two variants (+EV and -EV)
7. Process and commit these to output
8. Import into Photomatix and create pseudo HDR
9. Tonemap
(8 alt. Import into CS3 and use layering to create HDR)
10. Dodge, burn, etc
11. Save back to project and to finished works
12. woohooo ... try next one

I'm really excited about all this!! Seems weird ... but being able to come just a teeeeeench closer to the kind of work that Mitchell does is totally exciting. Next big decision ... in 30 days ... buy Capture One or not ... LOL!

Peace out bean sprouts!

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a passion 'n frames said...

Again I love the information about what you did and how you did it. I so often try different things that I forget what I did to a piece at times. I should pay more attention and offer the same info. Very well done! I do love the lines in this image and the way it leads my eye into the image.