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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bounce Flash Woes in Concert

I was recently hired to shoot some art for Wendy Schettig a local musician now cutting her second CD.  She had asked if I might come and shoot a concert she was giving at a nearby coffee shop.  The coffee shop was quite dark but the challenge with concert photography is that you can't easily setup the kind of lighting you might want.

Here I chose to use some on-camera bounce flash with a Honl hood to narrow the direction a bit more.  The venue was very small so I used a 70-200mm and shot from the sides.  The obvious problem ... STUFF!   Music stands, mic stands, guitar heads and tuners ... grrrrr.   

All in all, the bounce flash seemed to work.  There is a bit of shine on Wendy's face but that can be easily fixed.  Fortunately, I kept the overall level low enough that the overheads acted as weak rim lights and added some highlights to her hair.

Lesson - remember to use the CTO gels!  As you can see here, I didn't blend the light color well enough so white balance was a nightmare.  I had to try to adjust for skin tone but it left the very yellow light in her hair.

Props to those concert photogs out there.  It ain't easy, that's for sure.  But it is definitely fun.


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