Glen Goffin Photography

Monday, July 13, 2009

61 A Breath Taken

Have you ever seen a dream
Or a scene from a dream
With castles and knights and fog misted banks?
Or have you ever seen a breath
That was taken from you
While your eyes turn toward skies
Filled with clouds that fly high
On pink and blue seas
Seeking rest in the source of their joy?
(c) Glen Goffin 2009



Ángel Corrochano said...

That bokeh so delicate the one of that 85 mm Impresses the quality of the image and the smoothness of the bottom, velvety.

Warm greetings

Soiamastone said...

I adore the colors!! Bet you are having fun getting to know your new camera. Very lovely words, most of my dreams consist of unlocked doors and me trying to figure a way to fix things, I would prefer your dreams!
Hope you are well :)

beth said...

whoa....and you're a poet, too ?