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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

30 Google Analytics

Welcome to the revamped website!

So I added Google analytics just to confirm what I already knew. That I can ramble at will and not offend a soul! BTW, I thought this shot of a Pennsylvania outhouse was appropriate for today's post since it is pretty crappy. Bring your newspaper since I don't think there is wifi in there.

hmmm ... if a toilet flushes in the woods, does it make a sound? Now that's my kind of metaphysics.

Google analytics is free (at least so far) and actually pretty easy to use. You sign up for an account which is quick and then you paste their javascriptlet into your website. From that point forward, teh scriplet uploads website hits to the Google analytics server. Then you just poke into that portal every two seconds to see how many people visited your site since two seconds ago. Or, as in the case of THIS blog, you call your mom and ask her to surf your site so that you can see if the counter even works at all. Simple really. Of course, that's only if you can live with the disturbing secret that your mom hit on your site.

For more info go to

back soon ... peace


Andreas said...

Can't really be that bad, at least I get visitors from your site :)

Glen Goffin said...

Andreas - woooohooo ... I'm glad something good comes of this! I apologize for the fact that they probably come to your site dizzy and disoriented after reading mine but at least they will appreciate yours all the more ;D

Andreas said...

As I said: can't be that bad :)