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Thursday, December 10, 2009

79 The Potter's Hand

Little Girl Drinking
There is a certain brutality to the invasive assertion of a will not our own ... an infliction of necessary hurt by an unrelenting press upon our most unyielding parts ... a forceful shaping by a stronger hand. When it is man-against-man, we call it slavery ... or worse. When it is the work of God on those who have chosen His road, it is a kindness beyond comprehension. It is the love of a father for His children.

When that hand meets a locus of resistance - a knot - it will be removed with a great tearing and painful force. But it will produce a purer work, one without spot or blemish. The aim that it would result in a masterpiece perfectly suited to the purpose for which it was created. The determination of that aim is upon us. If there is an ultimate yielding then the aim is accomplished. If not, the rending is complete and cannot be repaired.

OSJ Red Fence
Yield while you can to the kindness of God and remember that his hand is strong but gentle. His force is measured to the resistance.

Don't forget ... it takes practice to perfect artistry.



Ángel Corrochano said...

Ua shows more of the beauty than you are able to capture

a hug

Andreas said...

A happy New Year Glen!