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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

68 My First Wedding ... Sortof

I'm hearing the sound of distant drums ... and chanting ... they're weaving a spell that draws me. I resist but I stumble forward against my will. When I arrive, I realize it is a wedding ... and I am the only one with a camera. Hmmm ... what do I do!?

Sorry, I dozed for a moment. True enough that thoughts of helping out young (aka. poor) couples that can't afford a photographer have been invading my dreams. When I finally do begin, I expect one of the following may occur:

A. I love doing it and my pictures don't suck

B. I love doing it and my pictures do suck

C. I crash and burn completely and narrowly avoid multiple lawsuits and, worse, I must endure the dagger-like stares of disappointed parents

D. I meet Bride-zilla and get sentenced to 25 years for involuntary manslaughter

Fortunately, a friend's wedding this past weekend afforded a great opportunity to experiment a bit.

Shooting from the gallery was tough but I found that being forced to stay in one place helped to keep me focused on the action and prevented me from getting distracted by walking around a lot. I think the rapid fire chckzzzzt, chckzzzzt ... may have been a touch annoying to my neighbors.

Here is a shot of the patriarch of the family (one side, at least). A Godly man and wonderful example of God's peace and joy in action. It shines even in this picture of him.

Some of the kids. See what I mean ... such a great variety of subjects at a wedding! And what a joy to capture a precious moment.

What a greater joy to be able to memorialize precious moments and share them with those who will treasure them forever!



Woody said...

I vote 'A', you love doing it and your pictures don't suck. I applaud your intentions, for it would not be my choice, but that's why there's chocolate and vanilla!

The expression on the patriarch face is absolutely priceless and triggers the identical response by the viewer.

THAT is what photography is all about, in my humble opinion - having the viewer see through your eyes and feeling the same emotion. 'nuff said, well done.

Debra Trean said...

LOVE the classic BW love love them... I have recently been approached to shoot a wedding...not sure...still debating... not my thannnng...but... I don't know...

Debra Trean said...

Beautiful classic BW images... really nice... I like very much.

Sharon said...

I'm a vote for 'A' too!