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Monday, July 6, 2009

59 Wedding bells for my 5D mark ii ... oh, and my 85

Me: I looooove, love, love this 5D!!!! (insert sound of me humming a
happy tune)

MJ: That's good, sweetie ... you'd BETTER!!

Me: Are you kidding!? Sliced bread has nothing on this. I mean, just feel it. Feel that? Wow. And listen to this ... chickzzzt. What a beautiful sound. Here, look at this image. Wow! WOW! Gorgeous!

MJ: That's pretty. I'm glad you like it.

Me: I loooove it! mmmm ... [sounds of kissing] ... In fact, I'm going to marry it!

MJ: That's nice sweetie but you're already married.

Me: I'm going to become a bigamist ... or is that a polygamist?

MJ: It's a bigamist.

Me: right, a bigamist, that's what I'll do. [more kissing]

(a few moments later)

Me: We may have to move to Utah.

(later that evening while I'm fondling and caressing the 5D)

Me: Do you want to come to the wedding?

MJ: Wedding? ... oh ... right ... I think I'm busy that day.

Me: The head table's full but I have an opening at one of the back tables.

MJ: Will I have to see you two together?

Me: Of course, it's our big day!

MJ: Umm, yeah ... I'm definitely busy.

Me: Do you think my new lens is going to be jealous?

MJ: [stares at TV in silence]

Me: We'll have to make it a double wedding that day. Polygamist ... I like the sound of that. [sounds of kissing]


Ángel Corrochano said...

The selective defocusing, those dark bottoms, the resistance and the saturation in the color of the flowers. Bravo! and Bravo by your 5D


Glen Goffin said...

Thanks, Angel. These were just quick shots with almost no post processing other than minor curves adjustment. This 5D is FANTASTIC!! ;D Peace

Lana said...

gorgeous colors on these flowers! pretty backgrounds too :)

it seems to me that on the last one the background looks kind of too "blobby", don't you think?

Lana said...

oh, and thank you for the wonderful comments you left on my blog! :)

Glen Goffin said...

LOL ... yes, blobby is right! It was a really bright day yesterday and those were in deep shadow and the foreground was almost burned out. I lowered contrast as low as I could and that left the image a bit unnatural looking. I probably shouldn't have bothered posting it but it went with the theme ;D Peace, Glen

Soiamastone said...

Wow!!!!!!!! Kinda jealous and very happy for you all at once! I have been an admirer of this camera, I would love to marry one (in a non idolish way :)) one day myself! I met up with a friend in the city for the 4th, he was taking pictures with the same camera, so impressive! The colors and depth are thrilling! So happy for you both, haha!