Glen Goffin Photography

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

57 Soft-Heeled Stealings

Trembling and broken, the light seeking shelter
I could not find what I need
Though finding it not as important as seeing
And seeing the start of belief

I sought just a bit more than I ought
Fought just a bit more than I could
Gently teasing with soft-heeled stealings
I found the light where I should

Do I go on toward ... where?
I don't know
Or is this the light from the proper shore?
Trembling and broken in this soft, healing shelter
I know I need search no more

(c) Glen Goffin 2009



Álvaro said...

Conhratulations for your photos. Real good!
Greetings from Spain.

Glen Goffin said...

Thanks, Alvaro. I shot over to your site and it is really impressive. I will definitely recommend it :) Thanks for your comments. Peace, Glen