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Monday, June 15, 2009

54 The value of experience and ... rubber, numm nummm

I remember just last October when I first … umm … “tried” … Photoshop. “Tried” being incredibly generous. What I really did was stare … and poke … and then stare some more … and then poke some more ... and then mutter things about the Adobe family lineage and where they should put their stupid program.

I felt as if I was trying to read a newspaper in Chinese. The pictures and the icons made sense but the words were complete gibberish. Do I read up and down or side to side? What the heck is a channel? A layer? A mask? How is an image different than a layer? Filters are for coffee ... not craqueleure. Why were there menus but then also side panels? How is it that paintbrushes can paint simple colors but I keep getting cat prints, hearts, scratch marks, fractal patterns and even blood stains!? It was all CRAZY BUSINESS!!!

Now it makes sense, of course. I just needed to see somebody actually using it.

With that in mind, I want to heartily recommend a PDF tutorial written by Mitchell Kanashkevich that is now available here at his website. Note that much of this tutorial uses Adobe Lightroom but there is a lot of PS content as well. And the LR techniques can be accomplished using PS alone.

Mitchell dared to ask if this was worth $12 dollars. Gee, let me see ... ummm ... you're going to save me hundreds of hours of experimentation. You're going to show me how you make images worthy of magazine publication and awards. You're going to save me from buying $100's of dollars of programs that I just don't need. ... hmmm ... let me get back to you on that.

This tutorial is great and worth MUCH more that $12 bucks. Just buy it. Thank me later :) Better yet, thank Mitchell!

The image at the top is an example of why you don't over-knead bread dough. If you do, it gets rubbery and doesn't feel quite right. Photoshop is great but too much is too much. One of the best messages in Mitchell's tutorial ... know when to quit! I clearly didn't apply that lesson in this image.

When your bread turns out like rubber ... make croutons. Here is my crouton version :)

Joy and peace,



annie said...

I do croutons on occasion also! Thank goodness.

Glen Goffin said...

Annie, LOL ... YAY, I'm not the only one! Sometimes my croûtons turn out well ... happy accidents ;D

Ángel Corrochano said...

A dream landscape, that so precious image you have obtained, the division of the frame heightens the planes and the color reinforces the image


J. L. T. said...

Lovely landscape, it looks like a photo from a fairy-tales-book;-)) Sunny greeting

Ida said...

Oh My, the first shot in color is amazing, I love the texture you've created. Great work Glen!

Soiamastone said...

Love, love, LOVE!!!! I would fave this one, the colors and sky are amazing, a wonderful composition!

Lana said...

heh, i so know what you mean by the first photoshop experience :) only in my case it took a couple of years before i dared to look and poke at it some more.
beautiful picture, and i think from the two i actually prefer the 'overdone' version :)