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Thursday, May 21, 2009

45 The Red Couch

There are certain patterns of gold and red that find themselves inside my head.
Certain places where I can go to imagine wonders and wander with mages.
Warm I slide deep down inside of the place where my book and I do hide.
And holding close to me my pillow ... or is that my steed?  I suppose it depends on me.>
(c) glen goffin 2009

This is a shot I took in Bermuda in the summer.  It's from the lobby of the Princess Hamilton (sudden sighs of, "oh, yeah, I remember those couches" bubble from the audience). 

I love to write poems.  And I think that if I spent more than 10 minutes, I might actually write a good one.  There is something about the magic of a well placed word, the rhythm of a percolating syllable, the delight of an unexpected turn ... all of which I find so satisfying.  Try it.  I promise not to tell :) 

Love and peace,


omami said...

a very peaceful place I love the light, and thank you so much for the link, you are welcome anytime!

Merci et au plaisir
une fille du Québec

Glen Goffin said...

Je vous remercie, Omami. Je suis heureux que mon blog vous. Un fils de la lumière.

Anonymous said...

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