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Friday, May 15, 2009

43 Little Boy Days

Don't you love the expressions on these little boys!?   There's something really wonderful about the faces of children.  So genuine.  PS - do you like how I made him stare at my name!?  Shameless, isn't it ;)  It's kindof like he's thinking ... "who the heck is that!?  And what is his name doing there?oh ... and I have to peepee."

Little brother, these days are ours to share
There're no cares to care, no enemies to beware 
Just dares and ice cream and little dog tails
There're trees to climb before mom calls, before light fails
There're girls to hide from and spy on and pulling pony tails

Little brother, these days are licorice and sweet
And though we don't know it now
These are days we will long to repeat 
(c) glen goffin 2009

Peace and joy,

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