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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

41 Destination: unknown ... let's name it

Let's take a journey together ... to a place not only of sight and sound but of mind.  A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination.  That's a signpost up ahead.  Destination: ... ummm ... crap!  I don't know the name.  Ok, let's pick a new name for this twisted car wreck I call a blog.


Poema is latin for poem (oh, gee, really!?!).   This is one of those names that sounds cute but you can never remember it.  Ummmm ... was that photopopo ... or, uhh ... photopoma ...grrr ... no, I know ... photo-dodo after the dufus that thought of it.  Forget it, let's just go visit PixelatedImage.

glen goffin photography

Now that's cutting edge!  Nonetheless ... my leading candidate.  At least it perfectly captures my complete lack of imagination.  "Yeah, mom, I would've used a cutting edge name but they kept confiscating it at the airport."

stinky fish photography

Brilliant!  And by brilliant, I mean lame.   So why do I like it?  Wait, don't answer that.

So I tried to find an English to Gaelic translator because Gaelic is just sooo cool.   So many vowels and stuff.  I like that arthurian faery woodsy vibe.  Hmmm ...

Ok, so what are the goals for this new name ...
1. fun
2. creative (aka. fresh)
3. memorable
4. distinct 
5. makes people think you know what you're doing
6. looks impressive on business cards
7. makes your mom say ... oh, son, I'm so proud of you
8. sorts first alphabetically ... just kidding ... that doesn't work anymore
9. still available - this is the toughest one

Oh, about this photo.  I was at our local high school picnic and the kids were bouncing around in the inflatable bouncy thingies.  This little girl was drawn straight to my camera.  Her face is only inches away from my lens here, that's why the DoF is so narrow.  I tried my best to get her eyes in focus but that left the netting and even HER EYEBROWS out of focus.  Now that's narrow!  And this was at f/4.   Just goes to show that focal distance is as much a factor as f-stop.  

I did a little dodge/burn on her eyes and teeth and I'm still working on skin tones.   Skin tone was a killer.  I tried many different approaches.  In this, I used a PS action from Night Fate (#62-5) that I loaded from Deviant Art.

And to quote one of my favorite commercials ... oh, Miss Foster! ... my daughter loooves your art class!  

Peace and joy,


Soiamastone said...

She is completely precious!! I love this picture of pure joy you captured!
I love your blogs, always get a chuckle which is so needed these days!! I do like your current name, but I see your dilemma. GG Photography may seem average, but it is a great name. Haha, on the making mom proud:) And the already taken is so true! Good luck with it all, looking forward to more pictures and more chuckles.

a passion 'n frames said...


a passion 'n frames said...

gosh I think this just might work...yippppeeeeee

Glen Goffin said...

YAY! I got comments working again. I'm not sure what the problem was but I'll stick with this. Sorry it took me a day to remember I was in moderation mode and had to approve these. Thanks you guys!

Glen Goffin said...

PS, Jules, having a studio named Stinky Fish is like being a boy named Sue. You develop a thick skin ... and good right hook. :)

Soiamastone said...

haha, hopefully you won't really "hit" any of your subjects Stinky:)

Glen Goffin said...

jk ... nobody could call me anything I don't deserve. That's why God's grace amazes me.

a passion 'n frames said...

AWESOME - glad its working again !!