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Saturday, April 18, 2009

32 Requiem for a flower

This shot was a quick one at what may now become my favorite place to shoot exotic flowers. This place is awesome. Everyone there keeps very quiet. They don't stare. They don't even mind when you step on them. There are tons of beautiful flowers and new ones every day. Oh, and I promise ... I hardly ever take them home with me. My wife just informed me that this place is not a cemetery ... it's a memorial. huh!?! I did wonder why there weren't any headstones now that you mention it. Just plaques everywhere.

So I'm not sure how I feel about this wordpress hosting yet. I'm still going on David DuChemin's recommendation that it is better than blogspot but ... well ... so far ... I'm not seein it. Then again ... hmmm ... I wonder if I should actually POST something before I publish my opinions. Then again, why start having educated opinions now? If you guys wanted informed opinions, you'd be reading TOP or something :)

Keep in mind, I'm talking about freebie hosting here. I'm sure that for a fee you can get all the stuff I'm complaining about. Blogspot (Google) gives you quite a bit more flexibility in look-n-feel but no blog stats. You can add Google analytics but, for me, they don't seem to work. I've been at the same view count for week. Meanwhile, I've received comments and other stuff. STRIKES:
1. Can't cross-ref other non-wordpress blogs
2. Can't modify the templates to add cool text and stuff
3. Can't have advertisements ...ok maybe that's a good thing
4. ... isn't three strikes an out? Well ... more to come :)



David said...

Hey man, if it's not working for you, it's not working for you. Not every tool is the right tool for every craftsman. I won't be hurt if Wordpress isn't giving you any loving :-) Life's too short - go with the tool you like!

Glen Goffin said...

David, thanks for taking the time to visit and comment. Sorry I didn't spot your comment till now (I'm such a bad host). I'm honored you'd visit. Peace, Glen