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Saturday, April 25, 2009

35 Stealing the show

hey Glen


ummm, well ....

yeah, I know

oh, ok

I was wandering through some old shots and spotted this reject. But this time, I saw the background first and I was like ... oh ... that's sortof nice actually. The forms of the trees have nice flow. The foreground sucks but it's like cooking chili. You need some peppers for a sharp little pop to cut through the smooth fatty flavors. Or maybe like tilapia and capers. Those wildflowers at least add a little sharp something for your eye to hold on to.  Otherwise, your eyes would just slip and slide over the greasy, fat, succulent background :)

I think it is the rich and complex colors that appeal to me in this. Smoky greens, golds, lavendars .... even blues (can you see them?). Like good chili - rich, smoky, complex and ... oh sooo hot! Yummmmm

This image isn't particulary good but, like a good bowl of chili, it satisfies for a little while :)

Joy and peace,

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